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Been busy filling orders so not much time to work on website design, but i've added a lot of small features to help. Things such as "No Longer Available" (so you know when the manufacturer doesn't sell old parts anymore), an estimated delivery date for incoming items, pre-orders for some items that have run out of stock and we know that we can usually get within 7 days, item quantities in stock, item count for number of items in a collection, captions under alternate images to help explain the image and on some items we list DOES NOT FIT with models that the item does not fit and hide that from searches so you won't get items that don't fit what you are searching for. I'm sure there are some other surprises in there too.

Please also excuse the "no image available", i'm adding items for sale faster than my photo editing assistant can throw the images up there, please be patient the images are coming soon, but you can still order it now. Yes, most all images on the site are taken and done by us. I do use some stock images from the manufacturer and we try to add some of our own to better shown items, their parts and accessories to help you pick the correct item. I know myself i've not ordered items on other sites because of poor small photo and lack of description. I also use my 33 years plus of experience in this business to give you the best description I can think of, i figure the more details the easier it will be to make a choice.

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