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Customer Information Update Form

This form is mainly for our local customers. Online customers should directly update information in their account.

Please fill in applicable information to your situation, either home or business, submit and we will update our records.

We can email invoices (preferred method) you must supply an email address in the email invoice box for this feature. This saves time in getting you the invoices as we can send it immediately instead of having to go to the post office to mail you a paper copy which may take days to get to you. You can print or save your invoice from your email. It's a good idea to save copies on your computer in case you need the invoice again in the future. Invoices emailed can also be paid online using your checking account or credit card anytime which can be more convenient for you and easier than mailing payment. Invoices will have tracking numbers on them for merchandise shipped and when emailed you have this information in advance of the shipment.

if you need a copy for your records, you can print screen when done.


if you are tax exempt we will need proof, which you can email to us, fax or bring by our store, we can scan a copy here. You must have a valid resale license for the type of product you are buying from us and reselling or have a valid tax exempt number for a commercial fishing exemption (usually this is a six digit number on a white exemption card).

we also need NCDOR form E-595E completed and signed.