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Currently we have suspended the Trade-in Program

Want to upgrade your electronics to the latest models ? Why not try a trade-in.

We accept Furuno NAVnet and NAVnet vx2 models as trade-ins
for credit towards new NAVnet vx2, 3D, TZtouch or TZtouch2 purchases.

Also accepting used Northstar models
951X, 952X, 6000i and 6100i in all display sizes.

Now taking trade-ins of Garmin.
Restrictions apply to new Garmin models that trade-ins can be applied toward.

Trade-ins of above Brands can be traded for other Brands or models.

We can work either way. Send us your trade-in equipment first for credit against new purchases from our store or you can purchase new equipment from us and then send back your trade-in equipment which will be inspected and tested upon arrival, upon which time you will then receive credit back via same method used for payment. We do not pay cash for used equipment.

Amount of credit will depend on physical condition, operating condition and completeness of unit with accessories such as mounting bracket, antenna and cables if applicable to unit.

Fill in below form and submit, you will receive by email a copy of your submission.
Please include model and serial number as this can help us determine specifics.

Should you proceed with the trade-in, print out a copy of the submission and the quote emailed to you and include those with your shipment as this will help us identify you and your equipment.
Our shipping address can be found on the about-us page.
Send trade-ins "Attn: Trade-ins".

if you need a copy for your records, you can print screen when done.