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Airmar 20-029 Cap Nut for P17 B17 B122 ST550

Airmar 20-029 Cap Nut for P17 B17 B122 ST550

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  • New
  • Bronze
  • to secure insert-plug in a thru-hull tube
    • does not screw all the way down, only fits at the top end of the tube
  • dimensions
    • 2.625inch - 67mm OD by 5mm thick walls and 20mm high
    • Inner opening is 38mm diameter
  • fits
    • 2inch - 51mm diameter stem
    • Airmar 20-550-01, 20-550-BC or 33-414 Inserts
    • Airmar styles B17 B21 B44V B120 B122 B744V B744VL P8 P17 P217 P314 ST300 ST550 ST600 ST800 ST850
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