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Airmar B17; Hull Tube only

Airmar 33-100 B17 2inch (51mm) OD Non-Valve Bronze Thru-Hull Tube only [Good Condition]

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  • Almost New
    • has not been previously installed
    • but
    • may have minor installation dirt, dust, grease or saw dust on it
    • may have minor water stains or greenish residue
    • may have minor scrapes, scuffs or shelf wear
    • will not have any major physical damage, dents or bent metal edges 
  • features
    • Bronze
    • Non-Valve Tube
    • 2inch - 51mm outside tube diameter
    • 2.75inch - 70mm flange diameter
    • 3.3125inch - 84mm high from flange lip (does not include thickness of flange) to top of tube
    • older style Non-Valve Tube, it does not have a self-sealing flap inside the tube that will seal the tube partially so water does not gush in when the insert is pulled out for maintenance or replacement
  • includes
    • Thru-Hull Tube only
  • DOES NOT include - sold separately
  • fits
    • Airmar types B17 ST550 ST650 ST850 ST950 235kHz-Smart-Sensors and P17 depth insert
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