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PL259; with reducers

Furuno 007-902-910-00 Connector Assembly OP08-9 for NX-5 (PL-259 with UG-175 and UG-176 adapters)

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  • New
  • Solder type
  • fits Furuno NX-5
    • or any VHF radio antenna connection using PL259 style coax connector
  • includes
    • one PL259 connector for 10mm RG213/RG8U size coax cable
    • one reducer for 8.18mm (RG8X size UG176)
    • one reducer for 6.28mm (RG58 size UG175)
  • features
    • kit adapts to three sizes of cable
    • reducers have extra holes to aid in the application of solder on the shield wire
  • may be used on Marine VHF Antennas and VHF Radios.
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    007-902-910, 007902910, Furuno, NX-5, NX5, OP08-9, OP089, PL259, RG213, RG58, RG8X, UG175, UG176

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