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100-323-601; Protective Cover; front view

Furuno 100-323-601 Protective Cover for NAVnet 10.4inch Displays [Used Good]

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Protective cover to keep dust and sunshine off display when not in use.

  • Used, Good
    • appearance varies from photo
      • minor scratches
      • no broken plastic edges
  • White Polypropylene Plastic
  • propeller logo and FURUNO on front in bas relief
  • dimensions
    • 376mm wide by 247mm high by 50mm deep
  • fits Furuno models
    • NAVnet 10.4inch displays
      • RDP139 1823C 1833C 1933C 1943C 1953C FMD1900C GD1900C GP1900C
    • NAVnet vx2 10.4inch displays
      • RDP149 1824C 1834C 1934C 1944C 1954C 1964C FMD1920C GD1920C GP1920C
  • please check your model number carefully, this only fits models shown above
  • model number can be on the serial number tag usually on the rear or top of the unit.
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