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Fusion CAB000851 1meter Powered Drop Cable for MS-AV700i or MS-IP700i

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  • New
  • red
  • 1meter / 3feet
  • 1 end 5pin male straight connector for MS-NRX200i connection via Fusion Network
  • 1 end 8pin male straight for MS-AV700i or MS-IP700i connection
  • The CAB-000851 Powered drop cable is required when connecting a MS-AV700i or MS-IP700i to a MS-NRX200i wired remote via a FUSION Network
  • This cable is recommended for a stand alone FUSION Network and is included with the MS-AV700i and MS-IP700i
  • Not compatible with , e.g. make sure your model has the "i" at the end of the model number
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