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dual12male - 12female

Garmin 010-12225-00 32.8foot 12pin Transducer Y Combiner Adapter Cable

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Adapts a pair of port-starboard 12pin orange Transducers to a single 12pin orange Garmin Depth-Speed-Temperature or Depth-Temperature unit.

  • New
  • reverse Y-Cable - Combiner Cable
  • 32.8feet - 10meters
  • two 12pin orange male connector plugs - connects to each female transducer plug on port and starboard paired transducer cables
  • one 12pin orange female connector plug - connects to back of head unit
    • with o-ring and attachable threaded collar
      • can be attached after cable is run through a (smaller) hole
  • for use with Garmin models
    • Transducers
      • GT30-THP
      • GT41-THP
      • GT50M-THP
      • GT51M-THP
    • GCV10 Scanning Sonar Module
    • GPSmap
      • 7407xsv, 7408xsv, 7410xsv, 7412xsv, 7416xsv (includes models with or without J1939)
      • 7607xsv, 7608xsv, 7610xsv, 7612xsv, 7616xsv (includes models with or without J1939)
    • GSD25 Advanced Sonar Module
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