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Flush Mount Bolt; Assembly parts

Garmin Flush Mount Bolt Assembly for 76xx series (Single)

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  • New
  • single Bolt Assembly
  • most units need 4 Bolt Assemblies
    • this is sold as a replacement single piece
    • order 4 if you need an entire set for a unit
  • comes as 3 un-assembled pieces
    • one larger bolt with brown coating - M4 x 70
    • one joiner
    • one smaller bolt - M3 x 60
  • to assemble
    • insert larger bolt into the larger hole on joiner and rotate to desired position
    • insert larger bolt into back of unit
    • insert smaller bolt into joiner
    • once display unit is in place within cutout, rotate the joiner outward away from the display so smaller bolt will make contact with the backside of the panel the cutout is in and turn the smaller bolt unit it makes contact to hold the unit in place from the rear
    • repeat as necessary for additional bolt assemblies
  • designed for Garmin GPSmap 76xx series units but may fit other units or other brands
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