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Globalstar CV90-81424-50 50foot Power and Telephone Cable for GSP-2900

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  • 50foot - 15meters
  • the power/phone cable which comes with the GSP-2900 is a custom cable containing both power and tip/ring phone conductors
  • outer jacket PVC black UV - UL and CSA approval
  • conductors
    • one pair of 14-gauge (AWG14) tinned copper wire for power, red and black
    • one pair of 24-gauge (AWG24) tinned copper wire for tip-ring phone service, white and blue
  • notes
    • when connected to the factory-supplied power supply, the voltage at the end of the factory-supplied 50-foot 14AWG wire is 11.24VDC
    • there is no margin for extending the factory-supplied 14AWG cable
    • the power portion of the factory-supplied power/phone cable cannot be extended because the resultant voltage would be too low to power the 2900 in all of its modes
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