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Globalstar GSP-1725-DOME; Enclosure

Globalstar GSP-1725-DOME Marine Dome

$ 176.00

  • New
  • White
  • for use with GSP-2900 Fixed Mount Satellite Phone
  • protects GSP-1725 Mini-stick Antenna
  • it is recommend Antenna be mounted in the Marine Dome Enclosure which protects the Antenna from exposure to harsh environmental conditions, including salt-water spray
  • includes
    • Marine Dome Enclosure
      • white outer Dome
      • Rubber O-Ring Seal
      • Hardware
      • black Base
        • bottom side has shaft for standard marine 1inch-14 threaded mount
  • does not include antenna nor any cables
  • see also GSP-1725-DOME-ANT Marine Dome Enclosure with Mini-Stick Antenna
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