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8male - 8female; OPC-1000

Icom OPC-1000 20foot Connection Cable for HM-127 Commandmic or HM-157 Commandmic II

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  • New
  • Black
  • 20feet - 6meters
  • 8pin male round bulkhead plug with cover to 8pin female round plug
  • connects a Commandmic to a VHF Radio
    • the 8pin male round bulkhead plug mounts through dash or bulkhead to allow the Commandmic to plug in closer to your operating position or helm station while the VHF can be at a remote location or inside an overhead box. Allows the Commandmic to be removed easily for storage. It is not recommened to extend from the bulkhead end.
    • the 8pin female round plug goes to the back of your VHF Radio or an OPC-999 extension to the VHF Radio, up to two 20foot extensions may be added to this end.
  • works with Icom models
    • HM-127 Commandmic with 8pin female plug
    • HM-157 Commandmic II with 8pin female plug
    • M402 M422
    • M504 M504A M504R
    • M506
    • M602
    • M604 M604A
  • this is the cable normally supplied with the above Commandmics - it is not the extension cable.
  • a bulkhead mounting plate may be necessary for mounting, not included with cable.
  • does not work with
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