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Icom OPC-1541 20foot Extension Cable for HM-162 Commandmic III or HM-195 Commandmic IV

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  • New
  • Black
  • 20feet - 6meters
  • 8pin female round plug to 8pin male round plug
  • for added distance connects between the Connection Cable (OPC-1540) of a HM-162 or HM-195 and the VHF Radio.
    • not for use as an extension between the bulkhead jack and microphone
  • for use with
    • Icom models
      • HM-162 Commandmic III
      • HM-195 Commandmic IV
      • M400BB
      • M422
      • M424
      • M504 M504A M504R
      • M506
      • M604 M604A
    • This is also interchangeable with standard horizon CT-100 Routing Cable and will work on standard horizon models listed under that cable.
  • maximum of 2 Extensions can be added between the OPC-1540 Connection Cable and the VHF Radio
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