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[OPEN BOX] Airmar 33-523-01 High Performance Fairing Block

[OPEN BOX] Airmar 33-523-01 High Performance Fairing Block

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Fairings orient the sound beam straight down by mounting the transducer parallel to the water surface

  • New - Open Box - Missing Pieces
  • High Performance
  • Requires cutting lengthwise at an angle to match the angle of the hull at the desired mounting location
  • fits styles
    • Airmar B258 B258C
  • dimensions
    • 22inches long x 5.25inches wide x 5inches tall
    • dimensions are taken from the top flat rectangular surface
    • due to the tapered nature of most High-Performance Fairing, the length is varied by the angle and depth of your cut
  • includes
    • Fairing Block, uncut
  • missing items, may be sold separately
    • Bolt Pack with Bolt, Washer, Nut and Yellow Bolt Cap (used to keep the fairing from swiviling when mounted)
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