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mount, upper support and adapters

Shakespeare 410-R Stainless Steel Swivel Mount with Plastic Upper Support

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Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Swivel Mount with Plastic Upper Support

Combines the versatile Style 81-S Heavy-duty Swivel Mount with the Shakespeare Style 408 Insulated Stand-off Bracket.

The bracket fits 1-1/2inch diameter antenna without an insert or 1inch or 1-1/8inch with one of two provided inserts.

Swivel allows antenna to be lowered for storage or to clear overhead obstructions.

  • New
  • standard marine 1inch-14 thread (male)
  • stainless steel for mount and plastic for upper support parts
  • includes
    • 81-S Stainless Steel Swivel Mount
    • 408-R Upper Support Bracket for 1-1/2inch diameter antenna
    • inserts for 1inch and 1-1/8inch diameter antenna or extension mast
  • dimensions
    • mount
      • 3-3/8inches diameter base x 4-1/2inches tall
    • upper support
      • 5-3/16inches x 7/8inches x 4-1/2inches tall
  • Mounting Screws or Bolts sold separately
    • requires 2 for upper support
    • requires 3 for base
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