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Shakespeare SRA-40 Galaxy SiriusXM Satellite Antenna with Mounting Pedestal

Shakespeare SRA-40 Galaxy SiriusXM Satellite Antenna with Mounting Pedestal

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This has been replaced by model SRA-50

Designed especially for marine applications, the Galaxy SRA-40 Satellite Radio Antenna brings SiriusXM Satellite Radio programming to your boat. The antenna’s sleek, white, ASA plastic housing is unobtrusively low-profile at only 3.5inch diameter by 1.35inches high. Ideal for smaller vessels, it mounts on surfaces up to 1inch thick, and comes with a special 25foot low-loss cable with a quick-disconnect, gold-plated, TNC connector at the base of the antenna. Now included with the SRA-40 is Shakespeare’s unique SM-31 surface mount kit for installations where direct access under the mounting surface is difficult or impossible. The system also provides standard 1inch-14 threads.

  • New
  • White
  • Low profile design
  • No separate power cable required
  • Single-cable design for newer receivers
  • Attaches to surface up to 1/4inches thick via a 9/16inch diameter threaded shaft on the antenna or to surfaces up to 1inch thick using supplied extension shaft
  • May be attached to supplied SM-31 Pedestal Mounting Kit
  • May be attached to the Thread Adapter of SM-31 which then can attached to any 1inch-14 marine extension mast or mount
  • dimensions
    • 3.5inches diameter x 1.35inches high
  • included in package
    • SRA-40 Antenna with pigtail cable and attached Female TNC Connector
    • SRC-25 25foot low loss RG-174 coax cable with Male Gold Plated TNC Connector (Antenna Connection) to a SMB Connector (Receiver connection)
      • Cable cannot be cut, shortened, spliced or extended with an extension
      • see single piece longer cable options
    • Extension Shaft with Nut and Washer
    • Pedestal Mount SM-31 Kit
      • Thread Adapter
      • Mounting Flange
      • Mounting Gasket
      • 3 Screws
  • options, available separately
    • SM-30 Surface Mount Ki
    • SM-31 Pedestal Mount Kit
    • SRS-1 Splitter Adapter for older, dual-input SiriusXM receivers
    • Cable Kits to replace the standard 25foot cable
        • standard cable cannot be shortened, cut or extended with an extension
      • SRC-35 35foot
      • SRC-50 50foot
      • SRC-90 90foot
  • Shakespeare 1year Limited Warranty
  • Receiver and service subscription required, available separately.
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