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feedback with cable and transmission linakge

Simrad 20193744 RF300 Rotary Rudder Feedback with Transmission Linkage

$ 290.00

  • New
  • Rotary Rudder Feedback assembly includes
    • RF300 Rotary Rudder Feedback
      • with Transmission Arm
    • 10meter / 32.8feet connection cable, attached
    • 13inch Transmission Linkage Rod T300
      • with 2 ball joint linkage ends including
        • plastic socket cap
        • ball with washer and nut hardware
  • for use with autopilot models
    • AP11
    • AP16
    • AP20, AP21, AP22
    • AP24
    • AP25, AP26, AP27
    • AP28
    • AP35
  • sometimes this is called a Rudder Angle Indicator, which is what it does (electronically) but it has no display like a true "Indicator" would
  • also known as Rotary Rudder Reference
  • when installed in parallel with the rudder arm on your vessel and the transmission linkage adjusted between the two, this indicates or references the angle the rudder is off from dead center. The information on this angle is sent to the autopilot computer.
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