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Simrad 21118666; Motor Brushes; Lemac Motor

Simrad 21118666 Motor Brushes for RPU80 or RPU160 with Lemac motor type C8686-9

$ 79.00

Please check size carefully, some models have had more than one type of motor attached to the pumpset and the brushes are different from motor to motor even though the pumpset may have the same RPU model number.

It is best it you check the motor brand and number (not RPU- number) and also measure the old brushes in height and width, length will be different since old brushes will be worn down.

Also check the spring or connecting wire on the brush to be sure it matches the photo or description.

  • 2 brushes aka 1 pair
  • dimensions are 6mm by 9mm by 18mm long
  • fits Simrad RPU80 or RPU160 with Lemac motor type C8686-9
    • this was used with AP16, AP25, AP26, AP27, AP35 and AP24 - AP28 type autopilots
    • may have been used with other models sold prior to late 2016 and 2017
    • check the brand name on motor on the pumpset,
      the model on the control head does not guarantee compatibility
  • -
  • DOES NOT FIT the current model RPU80 and RPU160 which Navico/Simrad started shipping in early 2017 that have a type motor. Check the motor brand carefully.
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