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Standard Horizon MMB-84 Mobile Flush Mounting Bracket

Standard Horizon MMB-84 Mobile Flush Mounting Bracket

$ 17.00
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  • New
  • Rear Fastening
  • Flush Mounting Bracket Kit
    • mounts to sides of radio
    • radio fits into cutout, flush mount brackets are attached to sides of the radio and then the adjusting screws can be turned to apply preasure to the dash or console from the rear pulling the radio snug and holding it in place
  • includes
    • 2 side brackets with adjusting screws
    • 2 screws and washers to secure side brackets to radio using mouning holes that the knobs normally fit in
  • for Furuno model
    • FM4000
  • for Standard Horizon models
    • GX1000S, GX1100S, GX1150S, GX1200 or GX1300 Eclipse
    • GX1500S QuestX
    • GX2000, GX2100, GX2150, GX2200 or GX3000 Matrix
    • GX2360S, GX5000S or GX5500S Quantum
    • VLH3000 Hailer
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