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MP5100032R; Microphone

Standard Horizon MP5100032R Microphone for GX1246S Eclipse (White)

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  • New
  • White
  • Replacement Hand Microphone
    • coily cord attached
    • 3pin and 5pin female single row inline plugs attached
      • attaches internally to radio requiring disassembly
      • replacement should only be done by a qualified marine electronics technician
    • controls on microphone
      • buttons on top - pwr up, channel 9, channel down - up
      • ptt button on left side
  • fits Standard Horizon VHF models
    • GX1246S Eclipse
  • this is not a
  • this is a discontinued product and has been in our stock since 2011
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    Accessory, c2011, Discontinued, GX1246S, GX1246S Eclipse, Microphone, MP5100032R, Replacement, Standard Horizon, ZZ457C1880

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