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T9025406; Power Cable

Standard Horizon T9025406 Power Cable for VHFs

$ 7.23

  • New
  • 1300mm / 4.26feet
  • Red and Black wires
  • one 6amp inline fuse and holder
  • one 2pin white rectangular connector plug with brownish rubber gasket
  • fits Standard Horizon VHF models
    • GX1000S Eclipse DSC
    • GX1100S Eclipse DSC+
    • GX1200 Eclipse DSC+
    • GX1250SA Eclipse+
    • GX1255S Quest
    • GX1256S Quest+
    • GX1260S Intrepid
    • GX1265S Intrepid LE
    • GX1270S Intrepid+
    • GX1280S Matrix
    • GX1300 Eclipse
    • GX1500S Quest-X
    • GX1600 Explorer and GX1700 Explorer GPS
    • GX2000 Matrix, GX2100 Matrix AIS, GX2150 Matrix AIS+ and GX2200S Martix AIS/GPS
    • GX2360S Quantum
    • GX3000S Matrix
    • GX3500S Quantum
    • GX5000S Quantum and GX5500S Quantum
    • GX6000 Quantum AIS
    • PS1000 Phantom and PS2000 Phantom
  • also known as part numbers
    • T9023306
    • ZC01300010
    • ZC0130001R
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