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[USED] Furuno MU170C Multi-Purpose 17inch LCD Display sn 8053-0345

[USED] Furuno MU170C Multi-Purpose 17inch LCD Display sn 8053-0345

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Condition: Used, Excellent
Display: Display only, No Power Cord
Accessories: None
Display Type: Color, TFT LCD, Push Buttons
Display Size: 17 inch
Warranty: 90 Day in our shop warranty

The FURUNO MU170C is a multi-purpose display that features the unmatched Furuno quality and reliability that you have learned to depend on. This 17inch color monitor features a wide range of interface capabilities that will accommodate virtually all of your marine display needs.

The MU170C utilizes an extremely bright color TFT LCD with a special AR (anti-reflective) glass filter to cut down on annoying glare. With its bright colors, excellent contrast and wide viewing angles, this monitor is perfect for any tropical sunlight or low light conditions. The MU170C is an SXGA 1280 x 1024 display.

It features a wide variety of inputs including: 2 RGB analog, 1 DVI-D (Digital Video Interface) and 3 NTSC/PAL video inputs. The MU170C may be used as either the main or remote display for a variety of marine equipment, such as Black Box radar, sounders, sonar and, NavNet. It can also be used for displaying security cameras, video equipment, computers, etc.

The MU170C has Picture In Picture (PIP) capability with 3 NTSC/PAL inputs. The display can overlay a video window on top of the main display. This PIP window can be resized and repositioned to anywhere on the screen. Use the PIP function to monitor security cameras, engine room cameras or even your satellite TV.

Standard Features:

  • Crystal clear 17inch marine grade monitor for use as main or remote display
  • Resolution: 1280 x 1024 SXGA
  • 1000 cd/m2 brightness and scratch resistant A/R coating allows superior viewability in direct sunlight
  • Wide range of inputs: 2 RGB analog, 1 Digital Video Interface (DVI-D) and 3 NTSC/PAL
  • Fully dimmable
  • Any three of the NTSC inputs are PIP (Picture-In-Picture) capable with adjustable size and screen location
  • I/R Remote control included as standard supply
  • Table Top or Flush Mountable (table top mounting bracket is optional)
  • Waterproof Tested to IPX5 standard (from front)
  • Customizable input names for easy on-the-fly identification and switching between onboard radar, sonar, sounder, camera, etc.
  • Exceptional viewing angle, (left/right 80 degrees, up/down 75 degrees)
  • Automatic signal input recognition and scaling for easy setup and installation
  • Dedicated push-buttons for changing monitor inputs and PIP source eliminates confusing menus
  • for use with Furuno models
           NAVnet = 1823CBB 1833CBB 1933CBB 1943CBB 1953CBB GP1900CBB
    NAVnet vx2 = 1824CBB 1834CBB 1934CBB 1944CBB 1954CBB 1964CBB FMD1920CBB GP1920CBB
    Sonars = CH250* CH270* CH300* CH300* CSH5L CSH8L (*Interface unit IF-8000 required)
    Radar = FAR2117BB FAR2127BB FAR2137SBB FR1510mk3 FR21x5
    Fish Finder = FCV1200L/LM Landscape Installation Only
    Video Plotter = GD280 GD380 GD680
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