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CF/905Fish Jan2006; Mid Atlantic; Canyons

[USED] Navionics CF/905Fish Mid Atlantic and Canyons Jan2006 sn 000000307873

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The Navionics 'Fish 'N Chip' contains areas of high-definition bottom detail not available on your Navionics Chart. Use the 'Fish 'N Chip', in conjunction with your Navionics Gold+ or Platinum navigation Chart, as a fishing tool to help locate near shore and offshore structure. 'Fish 'N Chips' substantially enhanced sea bottom bathymetry is the ultimate mapping resource for serious fishing.

Note: Navionics 'Fish 'N Chip' is intended for use as an accessory to your Navionics Gold+ or Platinum chart only; it is not intended for navigation. Information vital to safe navigation is not displayed on the 'Fish 'N Chip'. 'Fish 'N' chip' cannot be Traded or Updated.

Do not insert your Navionics Charts into a pc or multi-card reader, do not attempt to back it up to your pc, or add information to it -- you will damage your Chart data and render the chart useless. Navionics will not replace your chart data.

Your Navionics Chart comes with an affixed label containing important information about your product that will help assist you should there be a need. Please do not remove this label.

Refer to your chartplotters user's manual for information on inserting and accessing the data on Navionics charts for your model-type.

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