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[USED] Philips 150DM DesXcape 15inch Removable Touchscreen Wireless LCD Monitor with Remote Wireless Keyboard sn WE000317100189 [Used, Acceptable)

[USED] Philips 150DM DesXcape 15inch Removable Touchscreen Wireless LCD Monitor with Remote Wireless Keyboard sn WE000317100189 [Used, Acceptable)

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  • Used - as is - guaranteed working on arrival
  • Battery is dead and will not charge. No-longer avaialble.
  • Display with Power Cord and Includes all original accessories

Philips 15" LCD Product Details

The DesXcape 150DM consists of a detachable monitor, base station and wireless network adapter. Docked in its base station, DesXcape functions like a standard desktop monitor. Once removed, a wireless connection is automatically established between the monitor and the host computer.

Your PC - with all its processing speed and storage capacity - remains at your fingertips wherever you roam in the house. Applications run on the host computer, keeping DesXcape lightweight, compact and powerful.

DesXcape can run on an existing wireless network. Otherwise, an 802.11b wireless network adapter is included which connects directly to the USB port of your desktop PC. The monitor itself features built-in 802.11b technology to communicate with the host computer. Indoors, DesXcape works within a 30 to 50-meter range. Outdoors, that range expands to up to 100 meters.

Just a touch...
DesXcape’s lightweight, flat design means it can be moved easily around the house. But to make it truly portable, the touch-sensitive screen lets you navigate and input using nothing but a stylus. Keyboard and mouse are no longer required!

Commands and data are entered using the usual buttons, menus and DesXcape’s Input Panel. The Input Panel recognizes handwritten entries on the Writing Pad and also allows for typewritten input using the stylus and On-Screen Keyboard. In either case, functions are intuitive and easy to follow.

Touch screen operation is ideal for Internet-browsing, photo-editing and any stylus-based task. An optional wireless keyboard is available for jobs requiring more intensive typing.

For convenience, while docked in its base station DesXcape can also be operated using your standard keyboard and mouse.

Wireless keyboard. Specially developed for DesXcape to offer a wireless companion keyboard for heavy-duty input.

The 88-keys plus touch pad complement DesXcape’s touch screen by allowing more rapid text entry when you need it. Slim and sleek, the optional keyboard communicates on a separate radio frequency from the monitor-to-base connection. The keyboard attaches magnetically to the DesXcape for easy, all-in-one portability.


  • 15" TFT LCD
  • 1024 x 768 resolution
  • 0.297mm pixel pitch
  • 802.11b wireless LAN (built-in)

Additional Specifications:

  • CPU: Intel® Xscale(TM) Application Processor; 400MHz
  • Memory: 64MB SDRAM (on-board)
  • Flash ROM: 32MB
  • Operating system: Microsoft® Windows® CE for Smart Displays
  • Wireless communications: 802.11b wireless LAN (built-in)
  • LCD panel Type: TFT LCD
  • Screen size: 15 in. / 38.1cm
  • Pixel pitch: 0.297 x 0.297mm
  • LCD panel type: 1024 x 768 pixels
  • Touch panel:12-bit A/D converter; 100 samples per second
  • Video: Dual input interface.
    Both Analogue (D-Sub) and DVI-Dare available and user selectable.
  • Panel optical characteristics:
    Contrast ratio: 250 (typ.)
    Brightness: 170 cd/m2 (with touch panel)
    Viewing angle: (C/R > 5) Upper 30° (typ.)
    Lower 60° (typ.)
    Left 50° (typ.)
    Right 50° (typ.)
  • Power management: Complies with EPA Energy Star
  • Buttons And Controls:
    On display Power on/off: slide switch
    Brightness: VR dial
    Volume: VR dial
    Dashboard: launch button
    Input panel: launch button
    Hardware reset: push button
    Software reset: push button
    R/F keyboard reset: push button
  • OSD:
    OK: tact switch
    Auto: tact switch
    Up/Down: tact switch
    Left/Right: tact switch
  • I/O:
    On display
    VGA (mini-jack) out
    2 x USB type A (for keyboard and mouse)
    Headphone jack
    DC-in jack
    Base station connector
    Dual integral stereo 16 bit
    2 x AC 97 2.0 compliant speaker
  • On base station:
    DC-in jack
    DVI-D (digital)
    15-pin Dsub (analogue)
    USB type B (for connection to PC)
    2 x USB type A (for keybourd and mouse)
    Audio-in jack
    Audio-out jack
  • Regulatory approvals: TÜV
    FCC-B, UL, CSA
    CE Mark
    Energy Star
    Microsoft® Windows® XP Pro
    Microsoft® Windows® CE for Smart Displays
  • Display dimensions: (WxHxD): 375 x 309 x 28.5mm (min. height)
  • Base station dimensions: (WxHxD): 200 x 205 x 227mm
  • Tilt: -3° ~25°
  • Display weight: 2.4kg
  • Base station weight: 2.2kg
  • Temperature (operating): +5°C to +35°C
  • Temperature (storage): -20°C to +60°C
  • Relative humidity: 20% to 80%


  • What's Included:
    • 15" wireless monitor
    • Full size RF keyboard
    • Battery: Internal removable smart Li-ion battery pack, up to 5 hours battery life
    • AC Adapter: AC 90V~ 265V, 47~63Hz input, 19V DC, 3.16A output, 60W
    • 2 x Stylus
    • Base station
    • 2 x USB B to A cable
    • VGA cable
    • Mini VGA cable
    • Audio cable
    • USB Wireless network adapter
    • Manual and Quick Setup Card
    • Drivers CD Disk
    • Original Box

This was made in about 2003. I bought it used in about 2006 and it worked reliably for me for a couple years, however it saw little use as we never fully used the touchscreen "point of sale station". I then removed it from use as a pos station and used it on my shipping station from about 2008 until 2012. It worked last time i ran it but it has not been used in several years.

** As of October 8th, 2015 it still works - powered on and hooked to a computer - photo not available at this time as my photographer is out today but we'll get some on here soon showing the actual used unit powered on with time and date on screen. **

Easy to hook up. All the cables came with color coded tape on them and the ports on the base or wireless receiver have a color coded sticker on them. just match red to red, blue to blue, green to green and so on.

Also as far as I know this one works on Windows XP for the touchscreen functions with the included drivers. Any other use or drivers i have no knowledge of and since it has not been made for over 10 years I doubt there are newer ones at this point.

** As of October 28 2015 Tested unit. Display works fine in the stand, see photo 3rd from the end.

** Found the battery is dead and won't hold any charge so the remote use function could not be tested. Could not find any batteries with this part number (SG3BA1/74) online.

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